Introducing Malabar Baby’s New Whimsical Character Soft Toy Rattles!

Introducing Malabar Baby’s New Whimsical Character Soft Toy Rattles!

We’re on a roll at Malabar Baby: this month, we have released a series of four soft rattles for your little ones. Handmade and safe, without any small parts or embellishments, the four toys are inspired by nature in Asia.

Malabar Baby Soft Rattles: Elli the Elephant

Check out Elli the Elephant: she’s kind, innocent and close to her family. Although Elli is a little clumsy, she will soon find her footing as she grows up. Eventually, she’ll be the leader of her herd, just like her mama.

Malabar Baby's Soft Rattles: Mani the Monkey

Next, we have Mani the Monkey. He’s adventurous and rambunctious, and inevitably gets himself into trouble. He thinks he’s one step ahead of everyone, and loves to pull pranks on his brothers and sisters. Sharp as a tack, he loves to swing from tree to tree, in search of his favorite fruit: bananas.

Malabar Baby's Soft Rattles: Tara the Tiger

Tara the Tiger is smart and in charge. Strong and independent, everyone in the jungle can hear her when she roars. Tara can be seen from miles away because of her beautiful, bright fur.

Malabar Baby's Soft Rattles: Lakshmi Lotus

Elli, Mani and Tara always meet at the lotus pond, near Lakshmi Lotus. It’s their safe zone, a place for them to be together. Lakshmi Lotus symbolizes good fortune, prosperity and purity of heart and mind. Even though Lakshmi’s roots are in the dirtiest of waters, she produces beauty and magic for everyone to appreciate.

The soft rattles are Kantha stitched, a type of embroidery popular in West Bengal. Artisans use this type of stitch to make saris, quilts and throws in bold colours. It is one of the oldest forms of embroidery in India. 

Our four toys are perfect for your munchkins to play and grow up with! They’re available in our online store now, for US$34 each.