Corporate Partnerships

We help our partners to create bespoke hand-crafted products — each item is a labor of love and a piece of art. 

Anjali Harjani, Founder of Malabar Baby

Corporate Partnerships

Collaborating with us 

We enjoy collaborating with like-minded corporate partners, who value craftsmanship and sustainability, to create beautiful custom-made products that help to tell their story.  We work with corporates, hospitality, wellness clients and more to develop premium bespoke products for their customers.

Handmade for you

Our products are handmade by artisans — not factory manufactured. Skilled craftspeople hand-carve wooden blocks from hand-drawn sketches and then block-print our products by hand.

Celebrating uniqueness

We celebrate both the uniqueness of our partners and the unique nature of our products.  There is a desirability that goes with the knowledge that our customers are receiving a one-off, hand-crafted item.

High quality and eco-friendly 

We believe that high-quality and sustainability go hand-in-hand.  All of our products are made with care, using traditional methods with a modern twist — always with sustainability in mind.

our process


We work closely with you to understand your company ethos, target audience, sustainability goals and material requirements, so that we design products that are aligned with your values.

Our Partners

Premium, sustainable products that tell your story, hand-made by artisans, celebrating traditional craftsmanship.