Malabar Baby goes royal – new mom Duchess of Sussex is spotted carrying baby Archie in an Erawan Dohar blanket

Malabar Baby goes royal – new mom Duchess of Sussex is spotted carrying baby Archie in an Erawan Dohar blanket

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Psst… guess what? In case you missed it, Malabar Baby has the royal stamp of approval! The Duchess of Sussex Meghan, was spotted carrying baby Archie in an Erawan Dohar blanket for his very first outing to the public back in July… and how fitting: the family were at a charity polo day for the Khun Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha Memorial Polo Trophy. Here at Malabar Baby, we’re so grateful that the Duchess chose our brand to be a part of baby Archie’s day out!

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What’s the connection between the Erawan series and the polo match?

Always ready to support a good cause, both the Dukes of Cambridge and Sussex were participating in the charity polo match, and their respective families were at the sidelines cheering them on. The polo match was in honor of the late Thai owner of Leicester F.C., who passed away last year. And Malabar Baby’s Erawan series is coincidentally named after the architectural motifs and colors of the streets of Bangkok.

Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex looked comfortable and classy in her olive ensemble while carrying baby Archie out and about for the first time. She rocked the new-mom vibe in a floaty Rosetta V-neck linen midi dress by Lisa Marie Fernandez and oversized Stella McCartney sunglasses. Meghan’s style on the day was boho and chic, and Archie’s Erawan receiving blanket matched his mother’s stylish sense of fashion. Malabar Baby’s block printed blanket is done by hand with a rich, yellow-gold border… truly fit for a prince! 

We love how relatable Meghan is, choosing lightweight and affordable fabrics for baby Archie that will last a while in his closet. Sustainability is talked about in fashion, and buying quality products means buying less and buying the right pieces for bub and mom. The fact that she’s chosen to support Malabar Baby, a small eco-friendly business, and a female-led business, makes her all the more admirable!

Shop the Erawan Dohar blanket for US$42 here.

More about Smart Works, the charity organization the Duchess of Sussex is involved in

As if the Duchess of Sussex doesn't have enough on her plate as a new mom, she's committed to making a difference in society, and we're so impressed with her new project. Both entrepreneurial and charitable, check out what she’s done so far as royal patron of Smart Works, a charity organisation that helps unemployed women re-enter the workforce. The organisation offers job interview training, clothing and accessories. Because why wouldn’t you want to be looking and feeling like a #bossbabe at your next job interview? 

Since January 2019, the Duchess of Sussex has been a royal patron of the organisation and worked with designers to create a capsule fashion collection called The Smart Set, partnering with John Lewis and Marks & Spencer among others... how enterprising! It consists of workwear essentials often needed to attend interviews and enter the workplace: a perfect white shirt, an elegant blazer, well-cut trousers, a dress that flatters everyone and the perfect tote. The Duchess of Sussex said: “As women, it is 100% our responsibility to support and uplift each other.” And the collection, whose partners follow a 1-for-1 model where an item from the collection purchased is an item shared with the women of Smart Works, is the epitome of supporting and uplifting women. We love that the Duchess of Sussex has such a genuine passion for philanthropy and is able to be a role model to women and new moms out in the world!

Who knows how the Duchess of Sussex got her hands on a Malabar Baby blanket, but we’re certainly honored and thankful!