Sleep Sack 101

What is a Sleep Sack?

Sleep sacks are wearable blankets designed to keep babies and infants warm and safe while they sleep. They are a safer alternative to loose blankets in the crib, as they eliminate the risk of suffocation or overheating. Sleep sacks come in various sizes and materials, so be sure to choose one that fits your baby snugly and is appropriate for the current room temperature. Additionally, Malabar Baby offers sleep sacks recommended by baby sleep consultants, ensuring both safety and comfort for your little one during sleep time.

Best wearable sleeping bag in the market

The fabric is high quality and comfortable, the zipper is durable and the design is gorgeous. Don't even bother with other wearable sleeping bags, i've been through them all and this one is hands down the best.

Amie C.

Malabar Baby Makes


Handmade in India | GOTS Certified Cotton | Recommend by Baby Sleep Consultants

TOG 0.6

Ideal for tropical climates
Recommended room temp
70-80°F / 21-27°C

TOG 2.2

Recommended room temp
64-74°F / 17-23°C

Malabar Baby Sleep Sack Size

*For safety reasons, please do not size up to the next size until your child meets the height & weight requirement.


Age: 0-6 months

Baby's Height
22"-26" (inches)
56-66 (cm)

Baby's Weight
7-18 (lbs) / 3-8 (kg)


Age: 6-18 months

Baby's Height
25"-32" (inches)
64-81 (cm)

Baby's Weight
16-26 (lbs) / 7-12 (kg)


Age: 18-36 months

Baby's Height
31"-39" (inches)
79-99 (cm)

Baby's Weight
25-35 (lbs) / 11-16 (kg)


Age: 36-48 months

Baby's Height
38"-47" (inches)
97-119 (cm)

Baby's Weight
34-45 (lbs) / 15-20 (kg)

how to pick size

When selecting a size for the baby sleep sack, it is recommended to choose the size that aligns with
the baby's height* within the specified range.

If the baby's height falls at the upper end of the height requirement for a particular size, it is advisable to size up
to ensure a comfortable fit and allow room for growth.

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TIP #1

You can either transition your baby out of the swaddle gradually or do a cold turkey switch to the sleep sack. For a gradual transition, swaddle your baby with one arm out for 2 nights. Then in the next 2 nights, swaddle only around the chest with both arms out. Lastly, remove the swaddle and put them in wearable sleep sack for sleep time. I’m a bigger fan of the cold turkey transition so we can speed upthe adjustment process. Whatever method you choose,stay consistent with it.

TIP #2

If your baby is used to being swaddled while sleeping, you can expect that for the first few days, they will have a tougher time falling asleep and have more night wakings. This difficult but temporary phase. To get their sleep back on track, consistently use the sleep sack for all naps and nights for them
to build a positive association with it. Do a short
wind down routine before every nap and bedtime. Maintain a conducive sleep environment which is dark, cool and quiet. 

Sleep Sack Features

Shoulder Snap

Right shoulder snap makes placing sleeping baby inside a breeze.

Baby Independent Innovation Awards 2023

Sleep Bag Product of the Year 2023