Malabar Baby: 2019 In Review

Malabar Baby: 2019 In Review

We’re shouting it from the rooftops: Malabar Baby is celebrating its third birthday this December! And as we get older, we’d like to pause and take a moment to reflect on just how far our business has come. Thank you to our customers and our followers who have supported us throughout the years - none of our achievements would have been possible without all of you. 

2019 has seen us celebrating some milestone achievements, including more than 20,000 Instagram followers, stockists around the world and charitable acts of paying it forward. 

Our heart is full and we are taking a moment to cheer about 2019! 

Royal approval

Duchess of Sussex Meghan carries baby Archie in a Malabar Baby blanket, while Prince Harry follows behind

Malabar Baby had a royal stamp of approval from none other than the ever-so-stylish and kind HRH Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle. She was snapped looking beautiful and poised while carrying baby Archie who was wrapped in a handmade block-printed Erawan Dohar blanket back in July. We're ever so thankful for inspiring women and new mamas who love to support women-led small businesses like ours! 

Sleepy time made comfy and safe

Malabar Baby's sleep sacks are both light and heavy weighted, perfect for all climates.

The biggest launch we’ve had so far this year is our wearable blankets! Sun, rain, wind and snow, there’s a sleep sack for bubba suitable for any - they’re available in both lightweight and quilted materials. Has your mini fallen asleep already? Easy! Snuggle them in one of our wearable blankets, and with a convenient two-way zipper, secure them in so they’re comfy and cozy. A sleep sack is perfect if you have a wriggly worm who loves doing 180° turns during the night and it is the safest way to sleep according to global baby safety standards.

Global domination

Malabar Baby is stocked globally: in the USA, Japan, Philippines, UAE and of course, Hong Kong.

Our team has expanded! Malabar Baby is growing, with headquarters in New York, USA. We’ve also got a local presence in Japan at Vauva, in the UAE at Eco Souk, in the Philippines with Philux and Mothercare and exciting launches up ahead in the USA. We are proud to wrap up newborns at Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital. And don’t forget, we’re also stocked in Hong Kong at Lane Crawford, which is exclusively holding our king size bedding and loungewear, perfect for those holiday and Chinese New Year gifts. Phew… we’re spreading our wings and wrapping more infants and toddlers in Malabar Baby globally.


Tamanna Roashan of Dress Your Face makeup artistry is pictured with her daughter wearing Malabar Baby

Cheers to three years! We love browsing our Instagram feed (did we mention we’ve hit 20,000 followers?!) and seeing so many wonderful friends and influencers rocking Malabar Baby products, including Aliya and her mommy, Los Angeles makeup artist Tamanna Roashan, Hong Kong model Cara G McIlroy and Sarah Lahbati and her little boys in Manila.


Malabar Baby founder Anjali with Mother's Choice CEO Alia

We’re all about giving back to the community in Hong Kong. We’re grateful for our time spent with Mother’s Choice this year, offering support to girls and women facing a difficult decision ahead of them.

We ended the year on a beautiful note with Ayelen, Hong Kong-based photographer and the new moms at Mother's Choice who were faced with the very difficult decision to give their babies up for adoption. So many new teen moms shared intimate moments with us, and we helped document some of their last moments together with their babies before they went their separate ways. It was an up close opportunity for us to see the huge impact that Mother's Choice has on the community in Hong Kong, and personally how strong women are to make sacrifices for the little ones in their life. We look forward to many more memorable moments in 2020 with Mother's Choice and other key impactful organizations.

Wow - that's a lot for a whole 365 days! Here's to a joyous and peaceful holiday season and more milestones in 2020! Thank you for supporting us for three terrific years.